Dear blog

So, the NaPoWriMo poetry thing started today. I just found out about it today. I guess I’ll do it since I’m actually getting in on the beginning of something. I’m a horrible poet, though. Oh well.

Any poems I attempt will probably be pretty simple. The first day prompt suggested an ekphrastic poem. Ekphrasis is writing that comments upon another art form. Anyway, I decided to do a haiku. Not a lot of thought went into it. I composed it in my head while I was watching NCIS: Los Angeles.

My two favorite poets are Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson. I also like the beat poets. Rexroth and O’Hara and Ginsberg and Wallace Stevens. One time I memorized some of Kenneth Rexroth’s poems. My favorite was the Orphic Soul

As I walk slowly along the sun-flecked wood road a large fritillary comes to rest on my naked shoulder and … OMG I forgot what comes next. It’s been so long since I recited it to myself.

I also like The Emperor of Ice Cream by Wallace Stevens.

Call the roller of big cigars,
the muscular one and big him whip
in kitchen cups concupiscent curds

There’s more. I’m just too lazy to type it all.

When I first read it I thought it was about some guy at the carnival selling ice cream. Come to find out it’s about a wake (I think). Wallace Stevens writes complicated stuff. It kind of makes me feel stupid when I read it because I can’t figure it out. I’ll read the poem about 20 times and then MAYBE get a partial idea of what SOME of it means.

Why am I even talking about poetry when I am going to be writing a poem for the next however many days there are in April (I am not even going to recite that calendar poem thing in my head).

note to self: Do not even think about sitting around for a gazillion hours trying to write junk you think could win the Pulitzer. Spend no more than 30 minutes. If it’s crap, it’s crap.


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