Dear blog

Work was, you know, average. Some lady got pissy with my because I asked her a question. Fine, I’ll leave your grumpy ass alone. Five minutes later she wants to be best friends and ask tons of psycho questions. So, I gave her bad advice. Because that’s how I roll.

Also, this lady came in to return a rug. She was like, “Can you get it out of my car”. Sure lady, no prob. She opened her trunk and there were I kid you not 12 rugs in there. We have this little crime gang that circles through the neighborhood every so often and uses every trick in the book to steal crap and then try to return it later. They wear disguises. Crappy ones at that. But, they’re pretty good at what they do. They can get violent though. They have keyed the managers cars and even threatened to pop a cap in some of the employees ass. All because they know that we have caught on to their little game and keep an eye on them. I don’t know who the ringleader is, but they have hit stores all over this area. That’s why we have security now. Which, does absolutely nothing. Except for help people carry shit out to their car. Which, they’re probably stealing.

Anyway, ugh, they irritate me.

It’s supposed to storm really bad tomorrow. Tornado type of weather. I’m supposed to unload a semi full of furniture tomorrow at 6 am, so that shit better wait until I am done.

This guy Daniel got promoted to a manager position. Every half hours he’s asking, “So how am I doing”. OMG, really. This is the same Daniel who said that gay 30 was death. Whatever that means. Anyway, I was standing right there when he said is. I go, “What does that even mean”? That if your over 30 you can’t find somebody to hook up with? That people think you’re atrocious and don’t want anything to do with you? Anyway he’s a dork. A typical 20 something homo who thinks he knows everything. Look, I’m fabulous. Look, I’m gay. Look, I’m blah blah blah. Actually what you are is a little punk ass brat. ps you have acne and you’re ugly.

I should turn in now.
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