Gertrude Abernathy – Scam Artist!

There’s this lady that comes in where I work. I won’t use her real name because you know how these narcissistic people google their name and then find your blog and then get all bent out of shape and sometimes even try to sue; even though what you said is true. So yeah, fake name.

So, this Gertrude Abernathy chick comes in and orders all kinds of expensive junk and puts it on her store credit card. Like thousands of dollars worth of stuff. We have this thing where if you buy $200 worth of stuff then you get a $10 certificate to use in the store. It’s just like cash. Sometimes we have double points and you get $10 for every 100 that you spend.

So, the biotch orders all of this junk and about a week later it comes in. We call her and tell her that her stuff is here. Does she come? No. Her shit sits in the trailer. Heavy shit. Shit I unloaded.

A few weeks go by and she gets her $200 worth of certificates because she bought all that stuff. Then, she calls the store and says, “I’ve been thinking about it and that stuff I ordered is just not going to work. I’d like to return it. We have a 45 days return policy. So, we refund all of the money back onto her card and are left with a bunch of crap that we don’t even have room for. And she gets $200. Free.

She does this every few months.

My boss finally got fed up with her shenanigans and called her on it. Ms. Abernathy got all pissy and called corporate. Playing the victim.
Anyway, corporate didn’t do squat. They let her get away with it. She’s been doing this crap for over 2 years.

She’s a fucking scam artist!

She’s probably bilked the company out of about $2000 dollars. She keeps the stuff that she comes into the store and buys with her certificates. Didn’t cost her nothin’.

Whenever she comes in she acts all best friends with everybody.

I hate her.



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