8 Very Important Lessons That I’ve Learned About Blogging

1. If you’re going to talk crap about somebody’s kid, have the common sense not to use the kids real name.

2. If you write a mommy blog, don’t just make up a bunch of stuff and say that Sigmund Freud said it was okay. People believe crap they read on the internet. Especially in blogs.

blog 2

3. Don’t just talk about sex all the time. It gets boring after a while. Nobody likes a lascivious blogger.

blog 1

4. If you have friends that read your blog and you write crap about them…then what on earth were you even thinking? Become anonymous.
crap blog

5. Believe it or not, people google their names. Guess what usually pops up first. YOUR BLOG! Even if you’re anonymous, they’re going to figure out who you are. So yeah, don’t use real names. It gets messy.


6. If you’re going to do a food blog, makes sure that the stuff that you recommend, or have a recipe for, actually tastes good.

7. Don’t post creepy pictures of 70s teen idols. It makes you look like a pervert.
a and d 2leif

8. If you are going to comment of someone’s blog post, make sure that you’ve actually read it.
seal thing


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