Dear Blog

Yesterday, when I got home from work, there was a note on my bed. It said, “I turned the air on”. So, I picked it up and wrote, “Okay”, on it. Then I thought, “Wait a minute…this is not a text message. I don’t have to answer it”. I thought it was so odd that I would instinctively answer the note back that way.

The kid next door was playing his drums. He’s awful. I got sick of listening to it. So, I went to the dollar store. I got 3 packs of candy bars, 2 packs of coconut cookies, some spray cologne, mouthwash, sports cream for me leg, and a soda.

bobby drums
Not the kid next door, but you get the idea.

It’s warm outside. I don’t like it.

Yesterday at work I had to do the window clings. 6 am. They have me do it because I’m the only one who can do it without leaving any air bubbles, or falling off the ladder. Plus, I’m fast at it. It was raining. That doesn’t necessarily make it any harder, but it is annoying. There were 2 more than normal, but I still got it done in the same amount of time. That’s probably because it was early in the morning and people weren’t walking by asking, “What are you doing”?  And then you have to explain.

ugh, I can smell that stinky dollar cologne that I sprayed on myself.

I think I’ll go eat some candy now.

ps. You know who’s creepy looking? Papa John. Has he had a face lift?


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