Daily Prompt: Teen Age Idol

Who did you idolize as a teenager? Did you go crazy for the Beatles? Ga-ga over Duran Duran? In love with Justin Bieber? Did you think Elvis was the livin’ end?

I turned 13 in 1970, so there were some pretty groovy people that I idolized. Musicwise, that is.

The Carpenters:
I LOVED the Carpenters. Still do. Karen’s voice was the best. Bless her poor little anorexic heart. I absolutely loved the remake they did of Ticket to Ride. It’s still one of their best tunes.

Bobby Sherman:
Bobby was so hip and groovy. He had the best hair. I always wanted Bobby Sherman hair. I remember when he was on that one episode of The Partridge Family. It was such a big deal. To me, anyway. I think my favorite tune by him is Easy Come, Easy Go.

The DeFranco Family:
OMG! Heartbeat, it’s a Lovebeat. I had to buy that record 3 different times because I kept wearing it out. My mom would be like, “QUIT PLAYING THAT SONG”! I didn’t. I played it over and over and over.

The Partridge Family:
I had ALL of their albums. I used to play along on my drums and pretend I was IN The Partridge Family. Plus, I watched the show every Friday night. I have all of the seasons on DVD now.

The Brady Kids:
They were awful singers. Just horrid! But, I had all of their albums. And, I listened to them. My sister had a crush on Peter. I had a crush on Mr. Brady. Of course, that was my secret. You don’t go around blabbing that sort of thing when you’re 14 and it’s the early 70s.

rupaul 3

Donny Osmond:
I know right. But, I couldn’t help it. I had a bubblegum soul. Saccharin was right up my alley. I Knew You When and Hey Girl were my faves. He was on Dancing With the Stars the other day. Has he had some work done on his face? It sure looks like it.

Three Dog Night:
Their music was the best. Plus, I could buy their records out in the open, in broad daylight, and not get made fun off. Because they were, you know, ‘legit’. Never Been to Spain is probably my favorite.

The Grass Roots:
Their songs had the best hooks.

I also idolized some people from the early 60s and some people from the disco era, but, I wasn’t a teenager, so it doesn’t count. I’ll have to save Dee Dee Sharp, Chubby Checker and Donna Summer for some other time.



2 Replies to “Daily Prompt: Teen Age Idol”

  1. I was a Monkee’s fan all the way, I had all of their trading cards taped to my wall and three 45’s that I played non-stop until my brother hid the records.

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