A Brady Crisis Every Day in the Month of May – Day 1

Marcia wants to invite all of her dopey friends over and have a slumber party. Mike and Carol have a serious discussion in the den about it.

It’s part of growing up, Mike.

So, the slumber party is ON.

The guys are bummed out. Until, of course, Greg comes up with a super-groovy idea.

Well pull tricks on ’em. You know, scare ’em.

Peter and Bobby are on board because they usually do everything that smarty-pants Greg says; Bobby because he’s the youngest and Peter because he’s an idiot dimwit with no personality.

Mrs. Denton or a hippopotamus?

Meanwhile at school, Marcia is in the Principal’s Office because her English teacher, that bitch Mrs. Denton, found a drawing with the caption Mrs. Denton or a Hippopotamus under it. Marcia’s name is on the paper. Marcia tells the principal, Mr. Randolph, that it is a drawing of George Washington, NOT Mrs. Denton. She also states that she did not write “that stupid remark”

Anyway, he doesn’t buy it. He decides to make an example out of her by making her stay after school one hour every day for a week.

Mike and Carol cancel the slumber party. Marcia gets uber-histrionic because her parents believe the principal and not her (well of all the mother fucking nerve).

and if you don’t believe me, I don’t want a party or anything EVER from you!

OMG, where is this bitches’ Emmy.

Later, Mike decides that maybe they SHOULD believe Marcia since she was so all psychotic about it. So, the slumber party is back on.

What the fuck did I even do?

Marcia decides that it must have been her friend Jenny Wilton who wrote the disparaging remark on her paper. So, she calls up Jenny and snootily uninvites her to the party.

It’s just for my friends.
I’m your friend Marcia.
Not any more you’re not, so consider yourself UNINVITED.

Jenny is perplexed.

At the slumber party the girls get all hyped up on every color of no-named soda imaginable, hot dogs, and those dumb-ass jelly beans that Cindy wanted. Then they play Truth or Dare. One girl asks this other girl if she has ever kissed Hank Coleman. If I’m not mistaken, in another episode, Hank Coleman is the host of that tv show that Davy Jones is supposed to be on when Marcia goes to the studio in hopes on meeting him. So, yeah, that’s just creepy. Anyway, she takes the dare. She has to go upstairs to see what Marcia’s brothers are doing.
Seriously, you couldn’t come up with anything better than that?

Greg, Peter and Bobby jumped out wearing scary Halloween masks and sheets.

Then someone finds a fake spider in their sleeping bag. BORING!

jan 1The lights go out and Jan starts telling a ghost story.

Slowly she walks down the hallway towards the door she has been forbidden to open…

Then Bobby, who is outside, makes a howling sound. Then the girls get scared. Then they get all itchy because SOMEONE has put itching powder in the sleeping bags. They all start jumping around and scratching.

When they all go upstairs to wash it off (I guess there’s not water downstairs), Marcia stays downstairs with Paula. Paula states that it was HER who wrote on the paper.

Didn’t you thing it was funny?
FUNNY? I have to stay after school for a whole week now, and I almost didn’t have this party because of what you wrote!

Mike and Carol come home. They had been out. Marcia tells them what has happened. Mike lectures her about blaming the wrong person, just as the principal had done with her.

Jenny shows up for the party because Marcia has called her up and re-invited her. Everything is back to normal and they’re a happy as fucking shit family again.

Moral of the Story: Don’t doodle George Washington if you draw like shit. You’ll get your ass in trouble.


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