A Brady Crisis Every Day in the Month of May – Day 8

The Bradys go to Hawaii
Mike’s firm sends them there
Everyone is happy
with nary a Brady care

Bobby finds an idol
Peter sees it too
Bobby puts it around his neck
not knowing it’s taboo

Bobby drops the idol
Alice picks it up
Never realizing
that it brings bad luck

At a hula lesson
Alice gives a shout
The wretched tiki idol
has made her back go out

Then Greg receives the idol
That Bobby says brings luck
He wipes out while he’s surfing
Could he be dead? Oh Fuck!

Then Peter wears the idol
Around his neck at night
A tarantula crawls across his chest
and gives the boys a fright

The boys then go to visit
a Mr. Hanalei
to see if they should keep it
or throw the bitch away

He says  they must return it
to the sacred burial grounds
and give it back to the first dead king
then everybody frowns

When they go into the cave
Things just don’t seem right
They run into an archeologist
played by Vincent Price

Vincent ties them to some poles
He thinks they want his stuff
The boys device a secret plan
because they’ve had enough

Just when things get hectic
Scary, you could say
Here comes Mr. Brady
to save the fucking day

Vincent says he’s sorry
that he was so wrong
at least the stupid idol’s back
to where it does belong


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