A Cop an Assassin and a Serial Killer

So, I read three books this week. They were all free Kindle downloads. Because I’m cheap.

The first one was Back on Murder by J. Mark Bertrand. It’s about a detective who is on his way out, but gets back in the game after the murder of a teenage girl that nobody can figure out. It was no Raymond Chandler, but it was still quite good.

The next book I read was Night of the Assassin by Russell Blake. It was a prequel to the Assassin Series. It gave the back story of El Rey. He’s an assassin. He goes around killing the king pins of various Mexican drug cartels. I read the reviews beforehand and some people were complaining about how graphic it was. All the more reason for me to read it. Anyway, it wasn’t that bad. Sure, people get dismembered and heads explode, but so what, that happens in horror movies all the time.

floor fourThe next book was Floor Four by A. Lopez, Jr. It’s a novella of 111 pages. It claims to be a horror novel. Maybe if your a 10 year old. It’s about the ghost of a serial killer known as The Mangler, who haunts the 4th floor of a decrepit and creepy old hospital that has been shut down. Some teenagers break in to have a party on the 4th floor. Of course somebody gets killed. The Mangler’s signature sickle and chain, which are used to kill his victims, keep showing up everywhere. Is he a ghost? Is he real?
Anyway, the writing is not all that great. Run-on sentences. Dangling participles. Too many sentences starting with And and But. Absolutely no character development. You know the characters names and that’s it.
The story was ok. Kind of creepy in parts. But, it was very repetitive. It read like it was written by an 8th grader.


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