Daily Prompt : Back to Life

After an especially long and exhausting drive or flight, a grueling week at work, or a mind-numbing exam period — what’s the one thing you do to feel human again?

There are several things that make my feel human again. They are the same things that make having been born worthwhile.

1. Listen to Claire De Lune by Debussy.
Claire De Lune sounds like the musical version of many things; the sunrise, the sunset, birth, death, gazing at the moon and the stars, looking at the Grand Canyon.

2. Looking at art; mainly paintings. Any style. Any artist. I always get lost and forget everything. Especially with Monet.

3. Watch CSI reruns.

4. Read pulp novels and short stories. The ones from back in the day are the best. I don’t care how badly written they are.

5. Listen to Baroque music. There’s just something about the instrumentation.



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