Daily Prompt – Diverse

I like to consider myself pretty diverse. I’m always trying to learn new things. It seems like I add a new interest every month or so. Some of them last and some of them don’t. Take crochet, for instance. About 5 years ago I went on YouTube and learned the basics. I made a few afghans and then lost interest. It was fun while it lasted. The interest never developed to the point of me becoming really good at it. Making stuffed animals, or clothes, or stuff like that. Just something to throw on the bed, or over my feet while I watched television.

I’m diverse with music. Fairly diverse with my reading. Of course, there are some areas where I have absolutely no interest, but I try to learn a few of the basics. Mostly, for conversation purposes. I really hate being in a conversation, or discussion, and being totally clueless.


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