Daily Prompt – Generation

Well, I’ m a baby boomer. The ones that have supposedly fucked everything up. At least that’s what I’ve heard. There might be some truth to it. idk.

I turned 13 in 1970, so I’m from the Wonder Years generation. Remember that show? I love that show. They pretty much got it right.

I spent all of my teen years in those wacky clothes. Plus, my room was very much Greg takes over the den Brady Bunch groovy. I had the psychedelic posters and all that mess. Black lights and incense. The music was pretty good too.  We didn’t have computers, or cell phones, or video games, so we just hung out in the parking lot downtown, or cruised main street, or went to – by today’s standards –  cheap rock concerts…junk like that. Oh yeah, and the rec center.
If you ever got stranded somewhere, you were SOL. Unless you had a dime for a pay phone. They had them all over back then. Sometimes they even worked.

High School was a hot mess. I pretty much hated it. I was in the band, so I was in that crowd. Sometimes, I hung out on the smoking ramp with the stoners. I fit in with them more than anybody. They were laid back and cool. They made it easier for me to tolerate the whole high school thing.  My parents were in the middle of a divorce, and I was just a regular know-it-all teenager, so I guess things were just about normal for that time.

I turned 21 at the height of the disco era. 1978. Those were odd times.

I spent my 20s in the eighties. I was really into new wave music. The 20s were the worst, though. You’re supposed to be an adult, the you’re really kind of not. You’re trying to ‘find’ yourself and you screw everything up. I abhorred my 20s.

My 30s were just a boring blur. I really don’t remember that much about them. I worked and paid bills.

I had the mumps on my 40th birthday. That was a hoot. I was convinced that my mouth was going to stay clamped shut forever. I spent the whole 2 weeks watching old movies and reading poetry.
The 40s were okay. I was actually fairly happy.

I’m in my 50s now, so all of the old person things are starting to happen. Arthritis and cataracts and this and that.

So yeah, I was generation baby boomer. It’s not too bad I guess.




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