Daily Prompt – Vision

Of course the prompt had to be vision. To remind me that I’m as blind as a bat. Not that I needed a reminder. It’s a daily struggle. I’m 95% blind in my right eye. I can see blobs of light. In my left eye I have double vision and cataracts. So I can’t drive anymore. I can read okay if the background is dark and the lettering is white. Reading on a white background is difficult unless the text is enlarged. That’s why my blog has a black background.

Work is a guessing game. I can’t make out who people are from a distance.

TV isn’t all that fun anymore. People are blurry blobs. If I want to use the dvr from the sofa I have to use the zoom on my iphone’s  camera. I can see the program list then.

I have to pay special attention to what is going on on my right. I’m always having to turn my head that way. Someone can be standing right next to me and I won’t even see them.

Anyway, the whole thing sucks. But, I’m kind of used to it now. I still hate it though.



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