Daily Prompt – Buddy


Well, there’s Buddy Lawrence from that TV show Family. Remember that show? It’s from the 70s. Anyway, Buddy was played by Kristi McNichol. It was a pretty good show. The father was played by James Broderick, who is the real life father of Matthew Broderick of Ferris Bueller fame. The older sister was played by Meredith Baxter Birney of Family Ties fame. She’s the real life daughter of Whitney Blake, who was Perry Mason’s client in the very first Perry Mason tv episode (the one starring Raymond Burr). Meredith turned out to be a lesbian, as did Kristi McNichol – big surprise!…not.

I loved the 70s Kristi McNichol. Sometimes, she did stuff with her brother Jimmy. They were in the teen magazines all the time. She did a movie in 1984 called Just the Way You Are. It was so cheesy, but I loved it. I went to see it in the theater about 5 times. I’m not a romance movie person (they make me ill), but Kristi was in it, so I had to go.
Anyway, she plays this flute player with a screwed up leg. She is really self conscious about it. She goes to a ski lodge to chill. She’s sees someone with a broken leg and decides to get a cast put on her leg so that her limp will seem like it’s from the cast. That way, people won’t look at her weird. Like she’s a gimp, or something. She meets and falls in love with Michael Ontkean. Anyway, drama drama Abba song drama etc. At the end he finds out about her leg really being screwed up and they end up happily ever after. If anybody else would have played Kristi’s part I would have been barfing all over the place.

Another Buddy is Buddy Hinton from that one Brady Bunch episode. He was a bully who kept teasing Cindy about her lisp. He gives Peter a black eye. Mike teaches Peter how to fight (really?). Later, Peter fights Buddy and knocks his tooth loose. It’s looth, it’s looth!

Baby talk, baby talk, it’s a wonder you can walk.

It’s one of my least favorite Brady episodes. That, and the stupid episode with Bibi Gallini What a dumb episode. Bibi asks Mike to design her a factory in the shape of a powder puff. She wants it to be Bibi pink, and she wants the roof to open.

Another Buddy is Buddy Ebsen. He played Jed Clampett on The Beverly Hillbillies. OMG, what a stupid, stupid show. I hate it almost as much as Green Acres. Any show with stupid people makes me want to scream. Although, Granny was a hoot. Anyway, they all remind me of my relatives. They’re not from Bug Tussel, but they could be.
When I was a kid, I had the hots for Mr. Drysdale, the banker. idk, I was a weird kid.
Oh, yeah…Jethro was just too much from me to tolerate. I wanted to jump through the tv and slap him.
Buddy Ebsen also played Barnaby Jones. He was a detective, or something. I never watched the show. A few episodes, maybe.
And, he was in Breakfast at Tiffanys. I heart that movie.

Another Buddy, is Buddy from The Cake Boss. I haven’t seen that show in a while. I don’t know what the deal is. I have it set on the dvr, but it hasn’t come on in a while. I always though they were kind of like a mob family. I always like it when the cakes fell apart in the delivery truck.

Another Buddy is Buddy Rich, the drummer. When I was in college, some of my friends and I went to see him in concert. We sat in the front row. One of my friends was talking, and Buddy stopped the show and came down to the edge of the stage and yelled at him. It was so embarrassing. I almost died.

Well, that’s all of the Buddys I can think of right now. There are tons more, I’m sure.



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