Daily Prompt – Phase

Gee, I went through a lot of phases when I was growing up. Like saying “gee” all of the time. That was a 60s phase and lasted for about a month. I think I picked it up from some tv character.

I went through a lot of word and lingo phases.

OMG, they were all like…
Right on
Ya dig, and Daddy-O (That wasn’t really a phase. I still say that stuff)

I’m not a big fan of the “we have an issue” phase that the entire country seems to have been going through for the last however many years.
Just say ‘problem’, okay.
We have a problem.
‘Issue’ sounds so pretentious and condescending. ‘Problem’ sounds legit. ‘Issue’ sounds like something that somebody just made up to give you a hard time and act like a big shot.

I also hate when people say cornucopia.

We have a cornucopia of issues.

Bitch, this is not Thanksgiving. The word is ‘lot’. We have a LOT of PROBLEMS.

Here are some other phases I went through…

Solve the Rubik’s Cube (3 days)
Be a movie star (about 5 years)
Invent tv watch ( a week)
Crossword puzzles (20 years)
Read every Perry Mason book (gave up after the first 7)
Write in a journal EVERY day (3 weeks tops, without missing a day)
Become a comic strip artist (2 years)
Learn Moonlight Sonata on the piano (a month)
Learn to play the trombone (about 6 weeks, then switched to the drums)

There are tons more, but I’m going through my ‘don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what to write on wordpress’ phase, so…






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