Daily Prompt – Angry

I’m not one of those people with a wide range of emotions. It pretty much boils down to 2 emotions. Contented and perturbed. I suppose that sometimes I get what you would call mad. I try to keep my emotions in check, though.

I didn’t come from one of those families where everybody just let there emotions flow forth. It was pretty much keep everything to yourself. It was kind of ingrained in me. Don’t talk about this, don’t discuss that. It’s a secret. Junk like that. I don’t know where it all got started. Which ancestor, and all that mess. I just know that I came from a family where you just didn’t talk about stuff.

I usually kept what I was interested in to myself. For fear of criticism. I hate having to justify my actions, or why I like something. After a while it gets so annoying. So, I just keep my mouth shut and do my thing without talking about it.

That’s why I stopped doing Facebook. Too many family members and friends. If they don’t know who you really are, then why blab about it all over Facebook, and get a gazillion questions.

Why do you like that?
Why do you think that way?

Besides, everybody that I followed remotely shared my interests. They’re pretty much all racist republicans with a borderline Nazi mentality. I am not even kidding. It was really obnoxiously ludicrous when that gay marriage thing was passed. My Facebook feed was out of control. I had to shut that shit down and stop going there.

I’m not sure what any of this has to do with angry, but it’s a tangent, so I’m going with it.

There are still relatives of mine that won’t let me be around their kids alone.  Like they’ll turn gay or something. I’ve come to accept it. And, become cynical about it. I’m like, “Okay, you’re a stupid idiot and I don’t give a fuck about you’re stupid family anyway”. So, adios. See you 100 yards away at the next family reunion. There’s one coming up in 2 weeks, so yeah, that should be fun. The little gay democrat who doesn’t  care how many Mexicans are in the country amidst a shitload of gun-toting Southern Baptists who think the Civil War only ended about 5 years ago. I’ll never forget the time that I was criticized from owning a talking Ulysses S. Grant action figure. I was like, “What, seriously”? It’s a stupid action figure collector’s item.

So yeah, that’s my bloodline deal. I do get angry about it, sometimes. To be fair, though, they’re not all like that. Some are pretty hip and live in the 21st century. But that is a very small percentage.





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