Daily Prompt – Connected

I love how music connects us to the past. It’s almost like the time machine, really. Everybody has those certain songs that take them back. Back to a  place that seems to exist again – for a while.

Whenever I hear ” The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down ” by Joan Baez, I’m 13 again, and lying in bed listening to the new clock radio that I just got for Christmas.

Whenever I hear “Georgie Girl ” by The Seekers, I’m seven again, and sharing a bed with my dad in an old oadside motel.

Whenever I hear “Downtown ” by Petula Clark, I’m six again, and I’m downtown at night, Christmas shopping with my mom. There are Christmas lights everywhere and I’m looking through the store windows at the toys.

Whenever I hear “Heartbeat – Its a Lovebeat” by the DeFranco Fsmily, I’m 15 again, and my mom is coming into my room and telling me to “Quit playing that song.” It’s on my record player and I keep playing it over and over.

Whenever I hear “I Think I Love You ” by the Partridge Family, I am 12 again, and in the basement with headphones on, playing along on my drum set.

Whenever I hear “That’s Rock and Roll ” by Shaun Cassidy, I’m 23, and in bed with the chicken pox.

Whenever I hear “Love Roller Coaster” by the Ohio Players, I’m 16 again, and listening to the song over and over on my record player, just so I can hear the girl scream in the background. Rumor has it that she was being killed in the studio while the song was being recorded.

Whenever I hear “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John, I’m outside of the local Dairy Queen eating ice cream. There is a jukebox and I have just played the song.

Whenever I hear “Stop! In the Name of Love” by The Supremes, I’m 13 again, and in the cafeteria at school. There is a jukebox and instead of eating, I use my lunch money to play songs.

Whenever I hear “Indian Reservation” by Paul Revere and the Raiders, I’m 11 again, and playing tag with the neighborhood kids.

Whenever I hear “Half-Breed” by Cher,  I’m 14 again, and my sister has just chipped a tooth on a croquet ball.

There are hundreds of songs that are associated with specific memories in my life. These are just a few examples. Every time I hear the songs, I’m taken back in the tme machine known as music .



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