Another 2 weeks until my left eye surgery. ugh. I want to get it done now. The focus issue is so annoying.

Work yesterday was a bear. It took 7 hours to process the truck. Mark had to be taken off of it so that he could manage the store while my boss had a meeting with her boss, and her bosses boss (too many bosses, and I’m not even sure how bosses should be spelled…bosses? boss’s? boss’?) Anyway, it was a big pow wow. The company is not really doing that great, and they are finding all kinds of ways to cut corners and save money.

Pretty soon they will be getting rid of the storage container in the back of the store. They expect us to keep everything in an already saturated stock room. There is no reasoning with them on how ludicrous that is. They expect us to magically make everything work. This is not Project Runway. It’s like asking us to add another quart of water to an already full quart container. It can’t be done.
They also cut our Christmas bonuses. Before, it was 50 bucks. Now, it’s 40% off of anything for a one week period. We already get 25% off, so an additional 15 isn’t really that much difference.
They are also getting rid of – with the exception of the manager and ass. man – all full time positions. That means that people – like Mark – will lose their medical insurance and benefits.

But on the flip side, they still allow customers to get away with murder. Anytime someone raises their voice even one decibel, they give them what they want. They let customers cheat the company with their rebate scams. They let people walk into the store, pick up a $500 rug, take it to the counter, and then say they want to return it (you can return items without a receipt and get store credit). They then take the store credit card and then return a few days later and make purchases with it. It’s insane. And, they let them get away with it. We are not allowed to accost shoplifters, or say anything to them. We just let them walk out with stuff. They come in and steal bagsful of room sprays, and then go sell them at flea markets and swap meets. Whenever I ask about why we let this happen I’m told that it’s a touchy issue and something that’s being dealt with on a corporate level. This has been going on the 4 years that I’ve worked there, so NO, it’s not being dealt with on a corporate level. The only thing that we can do is call the cops after they’ve left and fill out a report…and then nothing gets done. One cop told us to stall them and then call 911. These people that do this are professional thieves. They come in gangs of 4 and 5 and have their tactics down pat. We did have a security guard for about 2 months, but he was making twice as much as we were, and he didn’t do anything. He let people walk out with stuff. He wasn’t allowed to do anything either. So, why was her there? Oh yeah, to play games on his phone.

They also lose money due to shoddy product transportation, and some inferior products. I see the stuff every week. I unload the truck. They way they cram stuff into the semi is atrocious. I’ll open boxes of expensive furniture and it is already busted. Some of the stuff is of good quality, but some of it is really cheap and they charge an arm and a leg for it. Some of it is put together with rusty nails. The wood is so cheap. You just look at it and it cracks. No telling how much money they lose because they stuff is broken when we get it. Just yesterday, I opened a desk and a shelving unit. I was supposed to assemble them. Both were busted to pieces when I opened the box. The stuff just gets written off. It’s obscene.

There are so many factors that go into why they are going down the tubes. It’s a popular company, but I am not allowed to say what it is because of a disclosure agreement I signed about a year ago. I guess people who worked there were writing and talking about the problems.

Here’s the thing. If I know that something is CRAP, I’m not going to sell it to people. I’ll tell them. “Hey, I assemble this stuff every week. You don’t want it”. I will then direct them to products that I know are of good quality. We do have those.

Well, that’s enough of this rant. Just remember that when you are shopping and putting out a lot money – ask questions. Just because something looks pretty doesn’t mean that it’s insides aren’t crap.


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