Today was quite interesting. I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! I didn’t even get out of my pajamas. Wore them all day. Didn’t go outside once.

I may have eaten a little too much. That happens sometimes. I also watched 4 episodes of Simon and Simon. It was on the Esquire channel. I never noticed it being on there before. Later, I watched 2 episodes of The Waltons on FETV. It’s one of those channels in the 500s. I think it’s a Christian channel. Anyway, on one of the Walton episodes, Jason said ‘damn’. They bleeped it out. It’s 2016 and they are bleeping out something that was on The Waltons. I mean, come on. They didn’t even bleep it out in the 70s. Seriously, have you seen the other junk they put on tv? And they bleep out ‘damn’. Well, it is FETV, so…

The new Big Bang was funny.

So yeah, I was a lazy ass today. It felt great.





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