Daily Prompt : Filthy

When I think of filthy, I don’t necessarily equate it with the general definition of filthy. Also, it’s a fairly relative term. What is ‘filthy’ to one person may be a way of life for another.

This place is filthy!

Well, maybe it’s the only way the person has the means to live. If you live in a poor area of the world, or are homeless, then maybe you don’t have as much control over it than a person of means does. Survival takes precedence over ‘filth’.

The unevenness of the world has pretty much bugged me my whole life. I understand that is the way it is, but never-the-less it bothers me. I’ve lived most of my life on the proletarian tract. A lot of people have. For whatever reason, not everybody has the ability or capacity to live the American dream they way that we have been brainwashed into believing. I suppose that if you change your definition of what the ‘American dream’ is, then you might be able to live it on a different level. If you have happiness in the equation, that is.

There are do many beliefs as to what a decent, or good person is. Being biased and judgmental against someone because of their race, religion, sex, physical disabilities, sexual orientation, monetary means, nationality, the way they look – and the list goes on – is just wrong. If that person goes about their business, harming no one, and contributes the best way that they can, then there is really no reason to hate them, or speak badly against them.

I see it almost every day. People judging other people on a ‘filthy’ level and contributing that much more to their ‘filthy’ soul.

We all go through those times where it has happened to us. Some more than others. A lot more than others for some. To paraphrase Atticus Finch, if you haven’t walked around in another man’s shoes, then you don’t really know that man, or what he’s been through.

I’ve always been more ecumenical and catholic than the rest of my family. It’s not always easy to express the way you feel when no one else really agrees with you. It’s hard not to become cynical when, on one specific day of the week, you are taught to love your neighbor, etc., and on the very next day and the rest of the week, the lesson is completely ignored.

That’s why I had such a problem with Church when I was in my teens. It was an all white Church. I won’t say which denomination because I don’t want to offend anyone. I was taught that if you were gay you would burn in hell for all eternity. Members talked and gossiped about each other. Sure, nobody is perfect. Church is like a hospital for the soul. Everybody is a sinner. But, it seems that eventually some of it would sink in.

But, if you didn’t go, you were kind of an outcast. Whenever you would meet someone new, the first question out of their mouth was usually, “What Church do you go to”?

I had to quit going. Sure, I tried others, but they were pretty much all the same.

And then you go on with your life and kind of forget about it. I had grasped the concept of hermeneutics, but man can so easily twist things into whatever he wants them to be. You can take one line out of a book, misconstrue it, and begin to hate a specific group of people. I just didn’t want to be a part of that.

There are so many things to believe it. Propinquity plays a factor in which belief you are started on. Some people stay there for life, some people do a complete turn-around, and others go on a journey to find peace of mind with what they think is true, right, and for lack of a better word, logical.




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