Daily Prompt : Sated

Let’s face it, I get bored with most things fairly easily. But, then again, I can dwell and fixate on the most minute or mundane for what seems like an eternity. Things that would get me branded as eccentric, or odd. Sometimes, it almost like being autistic without actually being autistic. It’s a comfort thing; like reciting to quell anxiety.

Most people come up with coping mechanisms. Idiosyncracies that work them. That button, or trigger that starts the calm juices flowing. They’re very personal and wouldn’t really mean anything to anyone one else; because they are so specific and seem to have no apparent meaning. It’s satiation used to combat personal demons. It comes in very handy for people, like myself, with INFP personality.

Sometimes I wonder how I got stuck with the traits that put me in that category. A lot of my favorite people are there also. People that I have adored long before I knew that we even shared the same traits; Camus, Orwell, van Gogh, Kafka, Poe, Jim Morrison, Warhol, Lana Del Rey…the list goes on. I look at them and think, “Okay, so if I were famous, this is the group that I would be lumped in with”.

Using coping techniques that are ‘sated’ are really helpful on an individual level for people who are linked to an avoidant personality. Well anyway, it keeps me from going absolutely bonkers.



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